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Your translation agency for Spanish

Spain is considered to be one of the cultural centres of Europe. It is well known for Flamenco and bull fights, and events that have a tremendous impact on tourists from all over the world.

We translate all texts to do with tourism

  • Translation travel catalogues
  • Specialist translation of town/city guides
  • Translation of hotel guides
  • Translation of travel guides
  • Translation of hotel prospectuses
  • Translation of internet portals and apps

In addition to the colourful parties, the people of Spain also enjoy a comfortable get-together, whether it be in a restaurant, a tapas bar or a street café. Should you wish to get together with Spaniards and enjoy a relaxing evening with great food, a non-native speaker will probably struggle with the menu. We are there for you, so that this does not happen.

After difficult economic times, the Spanish economy is showing signs of recovery. Different industries and sectors are contributing the upturn. Our translation agency supports you with your business contacts in Spain.

Spain - an important trade partner in the EU

Spain belongs to the most important trade partners in the EU, above all for Germany and France. The export of agricultural goods such as wheat, vegetables and olive oil are of great significance, while Spain is also the world's sixth largest producer of cars worldwide. Through the trade relations with other countries, a large requirement for translation services is generated, and we are happy to help. Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen is a business that is active on an international scale, from which authorities, organisations and companies can profit.

  • Specialist translation tourism
  • Specialist translators for communications technology
  • Scientific translations for agriculture
  • Express translations for information technology
  • Specialised translators for the metal processing industry
  • Specialist scientific translation for process metallurgy
  • Specialist translation for petro chemistry

We are happy to take on translation work for linguistically challenging texts in complex subject areas. Our customer base ranges from institutions, authorities and universities, through to industrial corporations and legal firms, travel agents as well as many well-established medium-sized companies. We are more than happy to provide support to you with our reliable language service.

Your business partner for Spanish

  • Native speakers are used exclusively
  • Specialist, qualified translators
  • Certified service

We are at your disposal with our expert knowledge for Spanish at any time.

The high standard of our translations is constant across all language combinations. In addition to German - Spanish and Spanish - German, we are happy to translate specialist texts in any language combination.

Immediate selection of your language expert

We will plan your project in the greatest of detail, in order to find the ideal specialist translator for you. In addition to effective project management that ensures an uncomplicated and quick turnaround of your translation project, we also have translation specialists who possess corresponding university and professional qualifications at our disposal.

Native speakers as interpreters and translators

Translation does not simply mean surpassing language barriers. Other countries are host to different cultures and customs that must be considered in the course of a translation. Therefore, our subject experts possess refined linguistic abilites and a detailed understanding of a country's conventions.

Demand-driven service through effective project management

For all interpreting and translation tasks, our translation agency puts together a full team consisting of project managers and customer advisers, that are at your disposal. In order to offer you a fast and efficient translation, our project management places great value in working within deadlines, something that distinguishes our company from our competitors. We guarantee this by making sure that the language experts, who will work on your project, possess the necessary detailed knowledge of the respective subject area and industry.

Interpreting Services

Due to the growing international integration of Spain, there are a number of events such as exhibitions, meetings and congresses that take place in regular intervals. Our interpreters are available for any variety of interpreting and event types:

  • Spanish consecutive interpreting for press conferences
  • Sworn translators Spanish for notarial meetings
  • Simultaneous interpreters Spanish - German for company general meetings
  • Conference translators English - Spanish for Annual General Meetings
  • Interpreters Spanish - German for charity dinners

Our interpreters work to absorb themselves in the respective subject material and respective subject terminology. We can provide you with specialist interpreters for all subject areas:

Medicine, economics, technology, law

There is often an overlap when it comes to challenging event subjects, such as patent law, where both technical and legal matters are discussed together. You can gladly request interpreters from our agency for such interdisciplinary events.

Reliability and professionalism

We select interpreters for you that have already acquired extensive interpreting experience in the relevant field.

  • Conference interpreting for annual meetings
  • Accompanying interpreting for excursions
  • Negotiation interpreting for business meetings
  • Interpreting for teleconferences
  • Negotiation interpreting for witness questioning
  • Simultaneous interpreting for Supervisory Board meetings
  • Sworn interpreting for authentication meetings

Our language experts for Spanish

We will provide you with professional interpreters. You also have the option, with our company, to request interpreters who reside locally.

  • Consecutive interpreters for Spanish for meetings and business appointments of all types in Saragossa
  • Accompanying translators for fashion shows in Madrid
  • Specialist interpreters for mechanical engineering conferences in San José
  • Simultaneous interpreters for Spanish who reside locally, for congresses in Lima
  • Negotiation interpreters for symposia and meetings in Bilbao
  • Interpreters for Spanish for specialist congresses in Buenos Aires
  • Conference interpreters for specialist international conferences in Salamanca

Spanish - a global language

English was long considered the only business language across the world. In the meantime both Chinese and, above all, Spanish are being spoken in increasing numbers globally. Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, but in approximately 20 other countries. In Central and South America, Spanish is both an official and native language. With our interpreting agency, you have the possibility to request translators and interpreters who reside locally, either within Spain or in a South American country:

  • Translators local to Costa Rica
  • Specialist translators in Mexico
  • Simultaneous interpreters in Peru
  • Conference interpreters in Venezuela

Language experts for demanding topics

We offer you qualified and specialised language experts/specialist translators for every subject area. You can receive various services:

Translation of private documents with authentication

Secondary school leaving certificate, residence permit, bachelor's degree certificate, application documents, diploma, assurance of citizenship, inheritance, driver's license, criminal record, birth certificate, household registration, marriage certificate, CV, employment tax statement, speeches and addresses, passport, divorce certificate, family tree, death certificate, university certificate, deeds, renunciation of citizenship, powers of attorney

Specialist translation for medicine

Enclosed label, diagnoses, specialised text for cardiac surgery, vaccination certificate, cardiology report, clinics and hospitals, medical diagnosis, medical report, medical journal article, medical contract, operation report, websites of practices

Specialist translation for economics

Analysis, offer, report on an Annual General Meeting, balance sheet report, business concept, business reports, business correspondence, brochure, interview, financial statements, annual report, chart of accounts, management report, guidelines, payroll, newsletters, organisation, press release, presentation, policies, revenue accounting, sales list, corporate prospectus

Specialist translation for technology

Work plan, user manual, documentation, instructions, user guide, catalogue, instructions, specifications, delivery programme, installation instructions, product description, product information, risk assessment, training materials, safety instructions, software documentation, specifications, technical guidelines, maintenance manuals, maintenance plan

Our service is at your disposal at any time. Please use our straightforward and user-friendly online enquiry form.

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