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The majority of Asian languages are tone languages, as is the case with Chinese. With tone languages, identical sounding words can take on an entirely different meaning with just the slightest difference in pronunciation. To the untrained ear of Western speakers, such fine differences in intonation are almost undetectable. Furthermore, in addition to high register Chinese, there are a further seven dialects or languages that are very different from one another.

Difficulties in communication are not uncommon with Chinese business partners because of these significant differences. A professional translation can help to minimise communication problems. A successful cooperation with business partners in China is based on a good level of communication without linguistic misunderstanding. The topic areas of translation can vary greatly: Economic, scientific, cultural and legal.

Specialist translations Chinese

  • Individual, tailored solutions for your business
  • Native speakers translate and proofread your translations
  • In accordance with DIN EN 15038:2006-08
  • Quality control in accordance with the principle of dual control
  • Your documents are dealt with confidentially

We offer professional translations for Chinese - German and German - Chinese for many subject areas. These include:

  • Technology: Manuals, operating manuals, technical documentation
  • Legal: Contracts, certificates, official documents of all kinds
  • Science: Research efforts, articles for specialist new articles
  • Advertising: Flyers, prospectuses, websites

All of our translators have acquired many years of experience and a specialisation in a particular subject area. In addition, we only work together with graduate translators and native speakers. The targeted selection of specialist translators guarantees a high level of quality for your translation project.

We would like to convince you of this. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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