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Your translation agency for Italian

Italy is a country famed for its culture, arts and history. The history of the country stretches back to the ancient world, and still has a tremendous amount to offer today. In many towns, there are archaeological sites on every street corner, museums and collections waiting to be discovered. Italy is also host to the greatest collection of works of art and historical sites that have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy has also become a magnet for tourism, a country where you can really travel through time.

For many world travellers, Italy is always worth a visit, even if they do not speak Italian. And in order to make the journey even more appealing, translations are required. Imagine, if you will, that you would like to visit the Colosseum, but the only tourist information available is in Italian. This is the moment where we come in. We translate for museums, institutions, authorities, travel agents, hotels etc. We assign specialist translators for tourism translation who can deliver a high quality translation. And, of course, we also take on translations from private clients.

Our company is an important business partner for the tourism industry. We are also involved the following projects:

  • The translation of holiday catalogues and prospectuses
  • Specialist translation of brochures and websites for hotels and travel agencies
  • Translation of menus
  • Translation of town/city guides
  • etc.

Another area of specialisation for our company is the translation of specialist texts for archaeology.

Our translation agency - your business partner for Italian. We work according to the native speaker principle. This means that translations are mostly undertaken by experts who are native speakers in the language in question, but who also possess the necessary specialist qualifications.

We are at your disposal with our expert knowledge for Italian at any time. The high standard of our translations is constant across all language combinations. In addition to German - Italian and Italian - German, we are happy to translate specialist texts in any language combination.

Immediate selection of your language expert

In order to ensure a high level of quality in your translation, we only assign specialist translators who possess the necessary academic or professional qualifications. Through effective project management, we ensure the quick and uncomplicated completion of your translation project. This all starts with the selection of the optimal specialist translator for your needs.

Native speakers as interpreters and translators

Translation and interpreting does not simply mean to cross linguistic barriers. Languages differ from one another in terms of the respective background and environment, circumstances that have to be considered carefully be the translator. Our translators possess an extensive knowledge of the respective subject area, along with a detailed understanding of the countries and cultures in question.

Demand-driven service through effective project management

We can offer you a competent team of professional customer advisers and project managers who will ensure that your interpreting and translation projects remain in good hands. We guarantee this by making sure that the language experts, who will work on your project, possess the necessary detailed knowledge of the respective subject area and industry. Consequently, the deeper the subject understanding of the translator, the faster and more accurately a translation can be finished. Our ability to ensure that work within deadlines is met, is a distinguishing feature of our business.

Interpreting services

Italian welcomes several million tourists every year who not only want to visit the country for sightseeing, the cities or the county's national treasures, but also to take part in different events.

Our language experts for Italian

We are happy to provide you with professional interpreters for your event. You also have the option, with our company, to request interpreters who reside locally.

  • Specialist interpreters for an international congress on a line of software in Florence
  • Accompanying translators for fashion shows in Milan
  • Interpreters for Italian for expert symposia in Rimini
  • Consecutive interpreters for Italian for meetings and business appointments of all types in Naples
  • Negotiation interpreters for conferences in Rome
  • Conference interpreters for expert symposia in Verona

One country - many trade partners

The Italian economy is defined in no small measure by its export activities. In this regard, Germany is an important trade partner along with France, China and the United States. Chemistry and metal-based products make up a significant portion of import and export business. Our translation agency is a business that is active on an international scale and authorities, organisations and companies can profit from our multilateral service.

  • Specialist translation for chemistry and pharmaceutics
  • Specialist metallurgy translations in all languages
  • Specialist translations for natural sciences
  • Translations for the chemical industry
  • Specialist translations for fertilizer products
  • Text translations for biochemistry
  • Specialist translations for environmental chemistry

Language experts for demanding topics

We offer you qualified and specialised language experts/specialist translators for every subject area. You can receive various services:

Translation of private documents with authentication

Assurance of citizenship, marriage certificate, school leaving certificate, family tree, power of attorney, birth certificate, divorce certificate, passport, household register, death certificate, driver's license, bachelor's degree certificate, income tax certificate, residence permit, certificate of inheritance, application forms, certificates, diplomas, certificate of good conduct, CV, speeches, university certificate, renunciation of citizenship

Specialist translation for medicine

Cardiac report, medical contract, medical journal article, diagnoses, medical findings, technical texts cardiac surgery, websites of clinics, surgical report, enclosed label, medical report, clinics and hospitals, medical report, vaccination certificate

Specialist translation for law

Court judgement, statement of defence, attorney letter, power of attorney, application, notarial certificate, document, contract transfer, lease, building permit, statute, employment contract, certificate of registration, license agreement, purchase agreement, legal texts, shareholder agreement, divorce decree, certificate of appointment

Specialist translation for economics

Guidelines, image brochures, analysis, business pamphlet, presentations, report on the AGM, annual report, balance sheet report, newsletters, interviews, organisation, policies, financial statements, revenue accounting, payroll accounting, offers, chart of accounts, annual report, press release, balance sheet, sales list, business correspondence, business concept, management report

Specialist translation for technology

Risk assessments, instructions, quick start guide, work plan, guidelines, technical documentation, product information, maintenance instructions, user manuals, catalogues, training materials, safety, software documentation, product range, installation instructions, specifications, service description, maintenance plan, product description

Our specific offer:

  • Translations for the capital goods industry
  • Translation for consumer goods
  • Specialist IT translations
  • Technical translation for motor vehicle technology
  • Translators for metal products
  • Subject specialists for chemical products
  • Specialist translators for clothing and textiles
  • Specialist translations for mechanical engineering

Our service is at your disposal immediately. Please use our straightforward and user-friendly online enquiry form.

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