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Your translation agency for Macedonian

The Macedonian language is considered one of the minority languages, both globally and across Europe, as it is only spoken by approximately 2 million people. Macedonian is spoken mostly within its native country, but also in some of the countries that border with it. p>

But even minority languages require translations from time to time, and can play a key role in international cooperative efforts. Communication without hindrance is helpful in cultural, economic and private circumstances, in order to establish a good relationship and basis for working together.

Specialist translation Macedonian

  • Individual, tailored solutions for your business
  • Native speakers translate and proofread your translations
  • In accordance with DIN EN 15038:2006-08
  • Quality control in accordance with the principle of dual control
  • Your documents are dealt with confidentially

We can offer you Macedonian - German and German - Macedonian translations for every occasion. Our specialist translators possess extensive professional experience and first-class training and education. We work exclusively with native speakers and graduate translators respectively. In addition, every one of our translators has a specialisation in a particular subject area or type of text at their disposal, for example:

  • Legal translations: Contracts, certificates, declarations
  • Software translations and localisations
  • Technical translations: Operating manuals, handbooks, technical documentation
  • Medical translations: Doctor reports, enclosed labels
  • Literary translations

With our extensive pool of translators, we are able to select the individual that is best suited to your text. In addition, any translation can be edited by a second translator, upon request.

Should you have any questions or requests, please contact our team! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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