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A wide variety of foreign language services
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When it comes to services on the subject of foreign languages, we are your ideal contact, as we offer translations into a broad range of languages.

All required formats
We can edit your translated text into any desired format.

Audio submissions
We not only take on the translation of written texts, but also different audio formats like interviews, foreign-language commercials etc. On request, the corresponding source text can also be recorded in writing.

The high standards of our project management are certified in accordance with DIN EN 15038:2008-08.

Certified translation
We provide attested or certified translations of your documents, certificates, attestations etc. Here the translation is performed by certified, sworn or authorised translators. Therefore, the respective translations can be used for official occasions. Our officially appointed, court-certified, sworn or authorised translators are happy to take on the translation of your documents.

Content Management Systems
Many of our customers order their translation with us using a Content Management System (CMS). In doing so, you save yourself the laborious subsequent entry of the translation, as we are able to perform the translation of website texts directly online.

For your correspondence with customers, suppliers and business partners abroad, we are happy to take on the translation. The re-translation of the respective foreign reply can also be performed by us.

Website Translation / Website Localisation
In our company, qualified translators are available for all language combinations and can take on the professional translation of your website content. The translation of these texts is carried out with a high degree of linguistic and stylistic finesse and wide-ranging technical expertise. The services of our website localisation involve the preparation, the cultural adaptation of the translation, the integration of multilingual content, the functional and technical editing, the validation and the quality control of the website.

Translation Memory Systems
The translation of your technical texts can be made using modern, professional translation memory systems such as Déjà Vu, Transit, Trados, Across, etc. This allows a reliable terminology management and supports the preparation of glossaries.

Interpreting services
With us, you can book interpreters for every desired language pair and every type of interpretation. Our professional interpreters take on all projects in the areas of simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, fair interpreting, etc. Our company provides interpreters to help you with international phone calls in a foreign language. This can be achieved by the presence of an interpreter at your company, or by conference call.

Interpretation Technology
For congresses, seminars, conferences, symposia, etc. we provide professional interpreting technology, interpreting equipment, simultaneous interpreting booths, congress technology, etc.

If you create your own foreign language texts, you can use our reliable review or proofreading service for any language you like. We will review your texts on overall consistency, spelling, grammar and localisms, without changing the meaning or intention of the text. Our proofreaders naturally work in their native language as well as in their respective specialist area. The proofreading of your texts involves improving the spelling (orthography), punctuation, hyphenation and grammar, and is carried out by professional specialists and certified translators.

DTP/Desktop Publishing
Of course we provide your translations in the conventional word processing programmes such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In addition, we also take on sophisticated DTP work. We can edit texts in a variety of formats here (FrameMaker, PO-Edit, Pagemaker, vectorisation, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.). For Desktop Publishing (DTP), i.e. the design of the page layout for print media and online media, we provide multilingual DTP products in all sorts of languages and file formats. The DTP service is an important part of our "all-from-one-source-offer".

Express service / Express translation
We specialise in the completion of professional translations with express service. On the basis of an effective project management, we can start with your translation without lead times, so that a completion of your translation is ensured on the same day, overnight, over the weekend or on public holidays at any time. Our Express service is available for all translation projects, all specialist areas and in any desired language pairs.

Preparation of expert reports
Many customers approach us because they have doubts about the quality of certain translations. In these and similar situations, we create a corresponding translation report for you. We are happy to review the quality of a translation based on defined criteria. Our qualified translators examine the specialist translation and assess the passages in question in detail.

Company courses
We provide company courses for every language. Your employees can acquire or refresh their knowledge in the respective language of your business partners.

Dual-control principle
A high-quality translation belongs to our quality standard; therefore, all translations will be checked according to the four-eyes principle for spelling and grammar.

Technical translation
Thanks to our global network and our large pool of translators, we are able to offer translations in almost all specialist areas and into more than 60 languages. We are specialised on texts from the fields of medicine, science, law, environment, technology and economy, among others.

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is the supreme discipline in the field of interpreting, as listening and speaking are performed simultaneously. We can offer simultaneous interpreters for many different specialist areas and language combinations.

Software localisation
The spectrum of our software localisation services not only includes the translation of the user interface, but also the adaptation of your software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment
We can gladly provide you with the necessary interpreting equipment for your event in addition to the interpreter.

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